• Additive Synthesis and FM.

  • 3 oscillators with 5 waveforms.

  • 1 sampler with 90 useful samples in FM synthesis, Keytraking, Root Note Selector

  • Maximum 16 voices with unison, Spread voices, Portamento with glide time adjustment.

  • 1 ADSR for each Generator and one global.

  • Time, gain and filter modulators

  • Modulation to time synced DAW.

  • 16 types of filters with modulators.

  • 5 effects: distortion, compression, limiter, reverb, delay.

  • 1 parametric equalizer.

  • 5 Zoom settings for GUI.

  • Midi Learn with Left Click and move on buttons, knobs and pitch wheel for any MIDI controller.

  • Assign CC with Left Click on buttons, knobs and pitch wheelfor any MIDI controller.

  • Spectrum analyzer, Oscilloscope.

  • Velocity response adjustment.-

  • 450 presets.


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